Dialogflow Integration

Using Dialogflow with Rocketbots, how to connect, and how it works.

With Dialogflow (formerly Api.ai), you can design the framework of a bot that can direct a user through conversations and understand their intentions.

When combined with the Rocketbots platform, you can start to develop powerful conversational functionalities, delivering messages on the requests of users, storing profile specific information, and retaining contextual awareness.

To set up Dialogflow API Integration, read the following articles:

Curious what additional functionalities you get out of this integration? The following table summarises what you can achieve with Dialogflow + Rocketbots:


Dialogflow Only

Dialogflow + Rocketbots


Intent Manager

Entity Management

Multi-channel Integration

One-Click Deployment

Contact Manager (CRM)



Automatic Tagging

AI-Human Hybrid/Handoff

Variable Values

File Storage and Delivery

Chatbase Integration

Parametric Code Generator

The achieve the the functionalities in the table, we make use of Dialogflow's parameters and Events. Here are some useful articles on how to fully utilise Dialogflow with the Rocketbots Platform: