Creating a New Space

A step by step guide on how to create your first Space.

Once you log into your Rocketbots account for the first time, the Platform will prompt you to create a new Space.

Creating a New Space

You can create another additional Space at any time by pressing the small white "+" sign at the button of the Navigation Menu on the left.

Go ahead and give your Space a name under the Space Name field. It could be the name of your company or group. Don't worry as you can always change it later. It will also be used internally on the Rocketbots Platform.

Next, select the Primary Language of your Space under the Primary Language field. This is the primary language that you will use to communicate with your audience.

Once you have entered these two fields, go ahead and press the blue "Get Started" button on the bottom to create your Space.

This will launch you through a quick tutorial on how to operate the Rocketbots Platform.

The Rocketbots Tutorial

If you are already comfortable with using the Platform, feel free to skip the tutorial process by pressing the grey "Skip Tips" next to the blue button.

Connecting your First Channel

Now that you have created your Space, it is time to connect it to your first channel! Navigate over to the Settings Module and press the blue "Add Channel" button on the top of the Channel Settings section.

Channel Settings

Once you have pressed the "Add Channel" button, a menu should open where you can connect your first channel.

Connecting a New Channel

Here, select the channel that you wish to connect first by clicking their logo. Once you have one selected, press the blue "Next" button on the bottom right.

Continue to fill in the fields to connect your channel to the Space.

You can read more about connecting each individual channel here: