Facebook Messenger

Connect Rocketbots to Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger (or simply Messenger) is a messaging app and platform developed by Facebook. The service has over 1.2 billion total users as of April 2017.

The Facebook Messenger Logo

Messenger supports a multitude of features, including quick replies and location prompts. It also has its own parametric codes that users can scan similarly to QR codes to easily start chatting with you.

For a detailed list of features against the other channels, you can take a look at the comparison table.

Setting Up Facebook

In order to connect Facebook Messenger to your Space, you will need the following:

When a user visits your page and sends you a message, they will be connected to your Space.

Connecting to Messenger

To add a new channel to an existing Space, navigate to Settings and select the blue "Add Channel" button under Channel Settings.

Under the Channel Connection menu, select the Messenger Logo and press the "Next" button. You will be prompted to connect with your Facebook Account, select your Facebook Page, and to pick a Greeting Message. You will also have an option to add a Facebook Chat Plugin.

Connecting to Facebook Messenger

Facebook Permissions

Press the blue "Connect to Facebook" button at the top and a window from Facebook should pop up and asks you for permissions. If you are not already logged into Facebook, it will ask you to log into your Facebook account first.

Logging into Facebook

Once you have granted permission to Rocketbots, the Facebook window will close automatically.

Selecting a Facebook Page

On the Rocketbots Platform, you can now select your desired Facebook Page from the dropdown menu.

Note that your connected account has to be an admin of the Facebook Page that you wish to connect.

You may also enter an optional Greeting Message. This will be shown when a new member of your audience first contacts you.

Adding a Facebook Chat Plugin

If you wish to add an optional Facebook Chat Plugin to your website, select the respective checkbox.

The Facebook Chat Plugin

For more information on adding a Facebook Chat Plugin, take a look on our documentation page.

When you have filled in the required fields, go ahead and press the blue "Done" button. Your Space will now be connected to Facebook Messenger!

Any messages sent to your Facebook Page will now be received in your Space.


Refreshing Permissions

In rare cases, page permissions can be dropped by Facebook if the Facebook Page admin changes their password or due to other unexpected reasons.

In the event that you experience problems with sending messages or trouble with any of other the Facebook Messenger features, you may have to manually refresh your Facebook permissions.

For example, if you can't see a "Get Started" button when starting a new Messenger chat, you can fix this by manually refreshing permissions.

To refresh your permissions, navigate to the Settings Module and scroll down to the Manage Channels section. Press the blue "Edit" button for the Facebook Messenger channel that you wish to refresh. This should open a menu where you can update your Messenger Channel.

Editing Facebook Messenger

Press the blue "Refresh Permissions" near the bottom of the menu. This should open a new window from Facebook where may need to log in to your Facebook account. Follow the instructions on screen to refresh permissions to the Rocketbots Platform.

Once permissions have been refreshed, the window will close automatically.

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