Go to

Open the Kik Mobile app and from your main chat list, tap the + menu.

Select Scan a Kik Code and scan the code in the browser.

In the Kik app, you will be directed to chat with Botsworth. In the chat with Botsworth, enter a name for your bot and tap the Yes button to confirm.

After following the bot setup process, in the web browser read the terms of service and then in the Contact Settings:

  • Enter your full name.

  • Enter your email ID.

  • Enter your Apple Develeper Team ID (optional)

  • Click Accept and Continue.

At this stage you will be taken to your Kik's dashboard. There, by clicking on the configuration tab, you will get the following screen:

Now, back in the platform, copy and paste the bot 'username' and 'API-Key' while adding the new Kik channel.

The channel would have successfully been added to the platform at this point.