Connecting a LINE Official Account to Rocketbots Platform

On the LINE platform there are business accounts called LINE Official Accounts. A LINE Official Account account is needed to connect to Rocketbots. We have step by step guide to creating a LINE Official Account here.

The LINE Logo

LINE is a popular messaging app in Asia, with over 800 million users. This integration with LINE Official Account will allow you to respond to LINE user messages directly from the Rocketbots platform.

The steps to connect LINE to the Rocketbots platform are divided into two parts.

LINE Official Account Configuration

To connect a Line Official Account to Rocketbots as a Channel the Messaging API will need to be enabled & a Provider has to be created in the Line Official Account Platform.

1. Sign in to the LINE Official Accounts Platform.

2. Navigate to Settings > Response Settings.

3. Enable Webhooks in Detailed Settings.

Response Settings Page

4. Navigate to Settings > Messaging API.

Messaging API Page

5. Press Enable Messaging API & Register a Developer Account.

Developer Registration Page

Links to Privacy Policy and Terms of Use will be requested. These are both optional.

After registering the account, an error message may show. That is normal, please proceed with the step below.

6. Select the Line Official Account again, then navigate to Settings > Messaging API and press the Enable Messaging API button again. (Same as Step 4 & 5)

7. Create a Provider. This provider will appear in the LINE Developers Console in the following steps.

Create a Provider

Now you are ready to start connecting the Channel.

Connecting the LINE Official Account to Rocketbots

To connect the Line Official Account to Rocketbots:

  • A Channel ID, Channel Secret and Channel Access token will need to be retrieved from the Line Developers Platform

  • The Rocketbots Webhook URL will need to be added to the LINE Developers Platform.

1. Navigate to Rocketbots Settings > Add Channel > LINE.

Connecting LINE

2. Sign In to Live Developer Console

3. Select the Provider you created in the LINE Official Accounts platform previously.

Select Provider

4. Select the Channel to connect.

A Channel with the same name as the Provider you created will already exist. Use this Channel for the following steps.

Select Channel

5. Find the Channel ID and add it to the Channel ID field in the Rocketbots Platform LINE Connection Dialog opened in Step 1.

Channel ID

6. Find the Channel Secret below, then press the Issue button to generate a Channel Secret. Add the Channel Secret to the Channel Secret field in the Rocketbots Platform LINE Connection Dialog.

7. Find the Webhook URL in the Rocketbots Platform LINE Connection Dialog.

Webhook URL

8. Navigate to the Messaging API tab and add the Webook URL found in the previous step to the Webhook URL field.

9. Press Update and then Verify.

10. Enable the Use Webhook switch below.

Use Webhook

11. Find the Channel Access Token and add it in the Channel Access Token field in the Rocketbots Platform LINE Connection Dialog.

Channel Access Token

12. Press Done in the Rocketbots Platform LINE Connection Dialog

You are Done. Now any new message that is sent to your LINE Official Account will appear in Rocketbots.

For a detailed list of features against the other channels, you can take a look at the comparison table.


The LINE Official Account Channel has the limitation listed below:

  • LINE Desktop App does not support Quick Replies.


Still having trouble with the channel? Contact us here!