Website Chat Widget

Connect Rocketbots to a Website Chat Widget.

Website chat widgets allow people to directly contact you via live chat, all from within your website.

The Website Chat Widget

Creating a Chat Widget

To add a new channel to an existing Space, navigate to Settings and select the blue "Add Channel" button under Manage Channels.

Under the Channel Connection menu, select Web Chat and press the "Next" button. You will then be prompted to create and customize your Chat Widget.

Customizing the Chat Widget

Enter a suitable name for the new channel. Note that the Channel Name is private and will only be used within the Rocketbots Platform.

You may enter an optional Greeting Message. This will be shown when a new member of your audience first contacts you.

Select a color of your choice for your Website Chat Widget using the interactive color picker.

Under the Website URL field, enter the URL of the website that you wish to install the widget to. You can enter multiple URLs if you plan on installing the plugin to multiple websites.

Advanced Settings

To further customize your Website Chat Widget, you can click on the blue "Advanced Settings".

The Title field will be displayed across the top bar of the Website Chat Widget. By default, it will display "Chat with us".

The Tagline field will be displayed under the name of your Space. By default it will say "We are here to talk, so ask us anything!"

The Input Placeholder field will be shown in gray in the message bar as a placeholder. By default it will say "Type a message..."

In the Launcher Icon field, you can change what icon will be displayed in the circular chat button.

For the Request Name and Email checkbox, you can disable asking for information before a user can start chatting with you. Pressing the chat button will instead take them directly to a dialog where they can message you.

If the Request Name and Email option is enabled, you can change the labeling for the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address fields that the user will fill out. You can also change the text displayed on the form submit button. By default, the text on the button will be "Get Started".

Once you are done customizing your widget, go ahead and press the blue "Next" button at the bottom.

Installing the Chat Widget

Once you have created your widget, a script for the plugin will be generated by the Rocketbots Platform.

Installing the Website Chat Widget

You will have to copy and paste the code just before the end of the <body> section on the backend of your website.

Depending on what system you use to create and manage your website, we have created step by step guides to walk you through installing a Chat Widget onto your website.

If you wish, you can also simply forward the code snippet along with installation instructions to your website administrator. Select the respective checkbox and enter the email address of someone who can help you install the chat plugin.

Once you have copied the code or filled out the email address, press the blue "Done" button to close the menu.

The Rocketbots Web Chat Widget will appear on your site once the script has been successfully installed.

Editing the Chat Widget

You can change and update the Rocketbots Web Chat Widget at any time. Navigate to the Settings Module and scroll down to the Manage Channels section. Press the blue "Edit" button next to the Web Chat channel.

Once you are happy with your changes, press the blue "Next" button. Here, you can find the script if you wish to add the plugin onto more websites.

You can go ahead and press the "Done" button if you do not need to install the widget onto more websites.

Any changes to your Facebook Customer Chat Plugin settings will be automatically reflected on your website. You do not need to reinstall the script.