Multi-Channel Chat Widget

Chat with website visitors via popular messaging apps.

Rocketbots offers an advanced multi-channel chat widget for free. The widget button takes the website visitors directly to their messaging app of choice on desktop or on mobile. This allows you to get more chats and continue the conversation even if visitors leave your website.

The Rocketbots Multi-Channel Chat Widget

Adding the free Rocketbots Multi-Channel Chat Widget to your website does not require any coding or sign up.

Creating the Widget

On the Rocketbots website, select the "Free Widget" on the top of the site. It is located right next to the login button. This will take you to the Rocketbots Widget page.

The Rocketbots Widget Page

Scroll down or press the orange "Get Your Button" button to start creating a Rocketbots Multi-Channel Widget for your website.

Choosing Messaging Apps

In step one, you will need to pick the messaging apps to include in your Rocketbots Multi-Channel Widget.

Choosing Messaging Apps

Simply select the messaging apps that you would like to include by pressing their respective logos. This will add them to your Rocketbots Multi-Channel Widget.

By default, Facebook Messenger will be selected. You can remove messaging apps by pressing on any of the selected logos.

Note that you will need to have at least one messaging channel selected.

For the Rocketbots Multi-Channel Widget to include your selected apps, you will need to fill out the associated field for each messaging app so that the widget can properly direct your website visitors to you.

Messaging App

Field Description


For Facebook Messenger, enter the name of your Facebook Page (e.g. Rocketbots). Alternatively, you can input the full link to your Facebook page (e.g.


For WhatsApp, enter the phone number of your WhatsApp account (e.g. +852 5722 8299).


For Viber, enter the name of your public account (e.g. Rocketbots). Note that the button will only be displayed for mobile visitors on your website, given the way Viber works.


For Snapchat, enter the username of your Snapchat account (e.g. teamsnapchat).


For LINE, enter the QR code URL of your LINE account (e.g.


For Telegram, enter the name of your Telegram Bot (e.g. rocketbots).


For VK, enter the name of your page (e.g. live). Alternatively, you can input the full link to your page on VK (e.g.


For SMS, enter the phone number that you would like to receive SMS (e.g. +1-202-555-0121). Note that this button will only be displayed for mobile visitors on your website.


For calls, enter the phone number that you would like to receive calls (e.g. +1-202-555-0121).


For emails, enter the email address that you would like to receive emails (e.g. [email protected]).

As you add more messaging apps, a live preview of your Rocketbots Multi-Channel Widget will appear on the bottom right of the page.

The live preview will automatically update to reflect any changes you make to the Rocketbots Multi-Channel Widget.

Customizing your Button

In step two, you will be able to customize your Rocketbots Multi-Channel Widget.

Customizing Your Button

For the optional Company Logo field, you can enter a URL to an image of your brand's logo. It should be in PNG or JPG format. The logo should be a square and be at least 48x48 pixels.

The Greeting Message field can be used to customize the greeting text in the greeting bubble.

Note that the greeting bubble will be displayed for desktop visitors 5 seconds after the page loads. The greeting bubble will only open once a day for each visitor to minimize obstruction.

The Rocketbots Widget Greeting Bubble

The Call to Action field refers to the small text bubble that will appear next to your widget button when idle. By default, it will say "Message us."

The Call to Action Text

For the Google Analytics checkbox, leave it enabled if you wish to track clicks on the Rocketbots Multi-Channel Widget using Google Analytics. We will go over more on tracking performance with Google Analytics below.

The Vertical Position and Horizontal Position fields allow you to adjust how much the widget button will be offset from the bottom left of your webpage in pixels.

The Custom Color field allows you to change the color of the widget button. Enter the hex code of your desired color into the field (e.g. #FF8C03). Note that this will only apply if your Rocketbots widget has more than one messaging app selected. If you only have one selected, the button will use the icon and color of your messaging app.

Getting the Code Snippet

In step two, you will generate the code snippet for your Rocketbots Multi-Channel Widget to be installed on your website.

Getting the Code Snippet

Enter your email address into the Email field and press the orange "Get Button Code" button. Once you have done so, the code for your widget will be sent to your email.

Installing the Widget

Once you have created your Rocketbots Multi-Channel Chat Widget and entered your email, you will receive the code snippet in your email inbox.

The Code Snippet Email

You will have to copy and paste the code just before the end of the <body> section on the backend of your website.

Depending on what system you use to create and manage your website, we have created step by step guides to walk you through installing a chat widget onto your website.

If you wish, you can also forward the code snippet email to your website administrator.

The Rocketbots Web Chat Widget will appear on your site once the script has been successfully installed.

Google Analytics Tracking

If you use Google Analytics for your website, enabling the Google Analytics tracking option for the widget will allow you to track its performance once you have installed it onto your website.

To check your widgets performance on your website, go to your Google Analytics page. On the left navigation menu, open the "Behavior" section under Reports. Under Behavior, open the "Events" section and select "Top Events".

The Top Events Page on Google Analytics

On the Top Events page, you will be able to see the events from the Rocketbots Multi-Channel Widget under the Rocketbots Widget category.

You can click on "Rocketbots Widget" to look at the specific event actions.

The Rocketbots Widget Event Actions

If you included more than one messaging app in your Rocketbots Chat Widget, you will be able to see which app your website visitors clicked on.