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Send announcements and messages to your audience.

The Broadcasts Module allows you to send out messages to a large volume of recipients in your contacts. Navigate to the Broadcast Module from the navigation menu on the left. Look for the icon of the loudspeaker.

The Broadcasts Module

The Broadcasts Module allows you to send mass messages to all of your contacts, or target selected portions of your contacts based on tags and channel. You can also browse the history of previously sent broadcasts as well as upcoming scheduled broadcasts.

Broadcasts Overview

From this table of broadcasts, you can see all the broadcasts that have been previously sent out as well as scheduled broadcasts to be sent out in the future.

You can use the search bar at the top of the Broadcast Module to quickly find the broadcast you are looking for.

Broadcast Time and Scheduling

The broadcast time shows when the broadcast was sent out or is scheduled to be sent.

Scheduling shows rather or not the broadcast was scheduled or sent out on the spot. The recurring field shows if the broadcast message is set to be recurring or not.

Contacts Sent

The Contacts Sent shows the number of recipients that the message has been sent to. This number depends on the targeted contacts based on the tag filtering and channels selected at the time of broadcast.

Broadcast Status

The Broadcast Status shows if each broadcast has already been sent or is still pending.


The Timezone of the broadcast shows which region's timezone will be used for scheduling.


This toggle button shows if the broadcast is active or not.

Scheduled or recurring broadcasts can be disabled by hitting this toggle button.

Date Added

The Date Added field shows the date on which the broadcast was created.

More Actions

You can also delete broadcasts from the more actions dropdown menu. Look for the three vertical dots on the very right.

Sending a New Broadcast

Start by creating new broadcast by pressing the green "New Broadcast" button on the top right of the page. This should open up the Send Broadcast menu.

The Send Broadcast Menu

This menu can also be brought up by pressing the green circular Broadcast button on the bottom left of the screen.

Depending on your plan, your monthly number of broadcasts may be limited.

Composing Your Message

Compose the content of your broadcast message under the first field. Instead of sending a text message, you can also have the option of sending a survey or a file by selecting their respective tabs.

To send a survey, you will have to already have an existing survey on the platform. You can create surveys on the Surveys Module.

To send a file or image attachment, select the file tab and pick the file from the dropdown menu. Similarly to sending surveys, you will need to have the file ready and uploaded to the platform. You can upload new files to the platform from the Files Module.

Finally, you can also send a custom payload as a broadcast. Simply enter your JSON payload into the respective field to add it to your broadcast. Note that different channels have different features and may require different JSON payloads to send similar messages.

When sending a broadcast message to your contacts, you may want to indicate that no reply expected. This is because the bot will likely not understand the context of the conversation. If you would like to send a broadcast with feedback, you may want to broadcast a survey.

Selecting Your Audience

Next, you can choose to select your audience to broadcast to. This can be done by narrowing down your contact list by using tags and selecting specific channels to send to.

Filtering by Tags

By entering tags into the tag field, you can narrow down your target audience from your contact list. Only contacts with the selected fields will be targeted by your broadcast.

If you enter multiple tags into the field, only contacts that have all the tags that you entered will receive the broadcast.

Leave this field blank to target all your contacts regardless of tags.

Selecting your Channels

Pick the channels you wish to send the broadcast through using the dropdown menu. Only the contacts on the selected channels will receive the message.

Note that you can select multiple channels.


You have the option of scheduling your message to be broadcasted at a specific time. This is done by selecting the "Schedule Broadcast" toggle.

By doing so, you will be able to select a date and a time for the broadcast to be sent out. You can also set a broadcast to be recurring at a certain time.

If you do not schedule your broadcast, it will be sent out immediately.