View your messaging history and start conversations.

From the Messages Module, you can take a look at your messaging history and directly connect with your contacts. You can navigate to the Messages Module by using the navigation menu on the left of the screen. Look for the button that resembles two chat bubbles.

Messages Module

The Messages Module can be used to review conversations and personally message any contacts that are seeking assistance. Organize your contacts by using the Assignment and Mark Done systems.

Selecting a Contact

Rather you are sending a message or simply want to review past conversations, you must first select the contact you want to view.

On the left of the messages module, you can see a list of contacts that you can scroll through. By default, this is sorted by most recent message.

Contact List

A shortened version of the most recent message in the conversation will be displayed next to the contact's name and profile. The arrow indicates the most recent message type either outgoing or incoming.

The day at which the last message was sent is displayed on the top right. Contacts with new messages that you have yet to read will be bolded. The number of unread messages sent by the contact will also be shown next to their name.

If the most recent message is on the same day, time will be shown instead.

Contact List with Time

Contacts that are marked done will have a green check indicator next to their name.

Contact List Marked Done

Click on any of the contacts to view their message history and to message to them.

You can quickly find a specific contact or conversation using the search bar on top!

Contact List Filters

The Contact List filtering system is composed of the main Filters New & Mine as well the Search Bar & Filtering Options. The purpose of the Contact List filtering system is to enable a workflow where all contacts that need a response but have not been answered by any user appear in New and all contacts assigned to a user appear in Mine for each respective user.

New & Mine Filters

Contact List Filters

New and Mine are the two main filters. The New filter displays Contacts that are Marked Pending and Unassigned. Where as, Mine displays Contacts that have been assigned to you.

Snoozed Contacts are not listed in the Mine filter as long as they are snoozed.

Notification Indicators

The Notification Indicators show the number of the contacts under a filter and if that filter contains any unread messages.

Filter with Notification Indicator

The number inside the Notification Indicators display the number of contacts in the New or Mine filter. The color of the Notification Indicators show if unread messages under that filter are present. Blue indicates all messages have been read and orange indicates unread messages are present.

Segment Selector

Using the Segment Selector predefined or custom Segments can be viewed in the Contact List.

Segment Selector

When using the dropdown you can select a Segment or create a brand new Segment using the Segment Builder.

Segment Builder

The Segment Builder is used to view, create or edit Segments by applying different filter options such as Channel, Status, Assignee and etc.

The builder is accessed by selecting Create Segment in the Segment Selector dropdown, or by clicking on the Filter button within the Search Bar. An overlay menu will appear on the right displaying the filter options.

Filter Options

A preview of the filtered Segment will be shown in the Contact list based on the options chosen. You can continue to work in this preview until you clear the filter options by pressing Clear.

Alternatively, save these filter options for future use as a Segment by pressing the blue Save Segment button at the bottom.

Snoozing a Contact

A Contact can be snoozed to temporarily exclude the Contact in the list. This can be done by pressing the alarm icon at the top right of the Messages Module and select the time for how long the contact will be snoozed.

Snoozing a Contact

Once it is time, the Contact will be listed in the list once again.

Message History

Once a Contact is selected, a recent conversation history is loaded, to view additional history, keep scrolling up and additional messages will load. Aside from messages, Message Metadata and Conversation Events will also be shown.

Message Metadata

Messages are displayed along with the message sent timestamp. Messages sent within an hour will display timestamp in terms of minutes ago, while messages send more than one hour ago will display date and time.

Message with Timestamp and Sender

After the timestamp, the messages sent from the platform display who the sender was.






Survey via Automation


Survey via Dialogflow






Rocket AI


Facebook Inbox


WhatsApp Echo


Away Message


Space Name (Greeting Message)


User Name (Regular Outgoing Message)



Conversation Events

The Message History will also keep track of important events, such as when a Contact was previously marked done and by who.

A Marked Done Event

Event Category



User Assigned User Assigned by Automation

User Assigned by Bot

Marked Done

Marked Done (Manual)

Marked Done by Automation

Marked Pending (Manual)

Marked Pending by Automation

Marked Pending by Bot


Contact Snoozed

Contact Unsnooze


Broadcast Sent


Survey Started

Survey Started by Automation Survey Started by Broadcast Survey Canceled Survey Canceled by Automation Survey Canceled by Broadcast Survey Canceled by API

Survey Completed

Survey Failed

Bot Status Update

Bot Status Off

Bot Status Off by Automation

Bot Status Off by Bot

Bot Status On

Bot Status On by Automation

Bot Status On by Bot


Event coming from Channel

Page Change

Event when a visitor navigates to a different page (Web Chat)

Sending Messages

You can compose and send new messages from the text box on the bottom of the message history. Simply click into the message area and begin typing.

The Messaging Bar

Send your message by pressing the blue icon button that resembles a paper plane. Alternatively, you can simple press the enter key to send the message.

To added emojis to your message, you can press the smiley face icon on the left to open up the emoji picker.

In the messaging bar, you can also send files to contacts with the paper clip icon or send surveys that you have built with the clipboard icon.

The messaging bar is also a great place for you to utilize Snippets and Dynamic Variables to make responding to messages more efficient.

Using Snippets

When your finish a conversation with a contact, it is good practice to mark them as Done by pressing the green "Mark Done" button on the top right.

Message Timeout

Some Channels may have specific time limit for a message to be delivered. The time starts from the last message sent by a visitor to the respective platform.


Timeout Limit


48 Hours


24 Hours


24 Hours

The 24-hour timeout limit is only applicable to WhatsApp Partner API channels; Nexmo WhatsApp, Twilio WhatsApp, MessageBird WhatsApp & MessagePipe. WhatsApp Chat API does not have this limitation as it is not a WhatsApp Partner.

Messages can still be sent but, if not delivered, there will be red exclamation mark indicating the message is not delivered with error message appeared.

Contact Details

On the right of the page, you can see the contact details. Here, you can easily access useful information and modify a contact's profile.

The Contact Details

You can access and edit information specific to the contact, such as their Phone Number and Email Address. Other custom fields that you add will also appear here.

You can view and manage the list of tags that have been assigned to this contact. Manually add new tags to the contact by selecting the field and typing in the tag you wish to add. Press enter to add the tag to the contact. Alternatively, you can select a tag to assign from the list of existing tags.

Activity Tab

On the side panel, you can also access the activity tab.

The Activity Tab

Here, you can see the activity history of the contact, including things like when the contact was marked done or when the contact receives a survey.

In the activity tab, you can also leave comments on the contact for other people on the platform. These comments can only be seen in the platform and the contact will not be able to access them.