Assignment and Mark Done

Manage contacts and conversations.

The Assignment and Marked Done systems work in tandem to help you and your team stay organized when dealing with an influx of conversations. Assign contacts to specific operators and archive finished conversations with Marked Done.

Using Assignment and Marked Done

Assignment and Marked Done are designed to work together to reduce the workload of the operator and manager. There are a few key actions that happen automatically to achieve this:

  • Anytime a contact has been Marked Done and they send a message, they will be Marked Pending

  • Responding to any unassigned contact will automatically set them to be assigned to you

  • Marking a Contact Done will also automatically unassign the contact from the operator

Using Assignment and Marked Done

The Assignment drop-down and the Mark Done/Pending button is found on the top right corner of the Messaging Module. The Assignment drop-down may be used to Assign or Reassign a Contact to an operator or a manager. The Mark Done/Pending button may be used to change the status of a contact to Done or Pending.

Finding Your Contacts & Unassigned Contacts

As you chat with contacts you will need to navigate between contacts assigned to you and contacts that are unassigned. You can do this easily by switching between the 2 main tabs of the Contact List.

Contact Management

You can also view all contacts in your contact list.

All Contacts on Rocketbots

All contacts filtered by Pending or Done

View Pending Contacts in Rocketbots

Or all contacts assigned to any operator or manager.

View Contacts by User Ownership in Rocketbots

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