Manage your Space.

The Settings Module allows you to look at and manage your Space Settings. From here, you can also manage the channels that your Space is connected to as well as any integrations that you might have set up, or want to set up. You can also manage any existing users on your Space or invite new collaborators. If you are looking to manage the custom fields on your space, you can also do that from the Settings Module.

You can navigate to the Settings Module using the navigation menu on the left of the platform. Look for the icon that resembles gears.

Note that only users with Creator or Owner access levels can view and change the Settings Module. Managers & Operators do not have access to view or to edit the Settings Module.

Any changes or edits you make under the Settings Module will be saved automatically.

Space Settings

The general Space Settings is the first section under the Settings Module.

Space Settings

Space Name

The Space Name field shows the name of your Space. Note that it will only be used internally within the Rocketbots Platform. By default, it is set to the name that was chosen when your Space was first created.

Channel Settings

Under the Channel Settings section, you can see a list of existing channels that you have connected to your Space. From here, you can edit and manage these channels or add new ones.

Channel Settings

Adding New Channels

To add a new channel to your existing Space, press the blue "Add Channel" button on the top of this section. For more information on adding new channels, you can take a look at the Messaging Channels page.

Connecting a New Channel

Managing Channels

Next to each of your existing channels you will find a series of buttons.

Editing Channels

Press the blue "Edit" button to make changes to any of your existing channels.

You will be able to make changes to the Channel Name, which is how the channel is referred to internally on the Rocketbots Platform. You will also be able to change the Greeting Message, which is an optional message that is shown to new contacts that first message you.

Additional options will also be available depending on the channel specific options. For example, Facebook Channels will be able to add or modify their Facebook Chat Plugin from here.

Deleting Channels

To delete an existing channel, press the icon on the left of the Edit button that resembles a trash can and follow the instructions on screen. Doing so will completely remove the channel from your Space, along with any contacts that are from the channel.

Deleting a channel is a permanent action. We will not be able to recover any data after your channel is deleted.

Generating Scannable Codes

If your channel supports Scannable Codes, URL and QR code can be generated by pressing the icon that resembles the focus lines on a camera. Pressing this button will open the Code Generator menu.

Code Generator

Different Channels provide different input fields that are either compulsory or optional to generate the code. Here is the list of the fields that are provided for each channel.



Facebook Messenger

Reference (optional)


Phone Number

Pre-Filled Text (optional)



Pre-Filled Text (optional)




Pre-Filled Text (optional)


Pre-Filled Text (optional)



Web Chat


Reference (optional)




Phone Number

Pre-Filled Text (optional)

Reference appears in Messages of selected Contact as an in-line event, while Pre-Filled Text is an input suggestion when a contact starts a conversation.

Once you are ready, press the blue "Download" button and select your desired pixel dimensions to download your scannable code.

For more information on how to utilize this feature, you can read our blog article on using scannable codes here.

Creating a Chat Menu

If your channel supports the Chat Menu feature, you can create your own chat menu by pressing the icon that resembles several lines of options on a menu. Pressing this button will open the Chat Menu Creator.

Chat Menu Creator

Under the Chat Menu Creator, you can press the blue "Add Button" to start adding buttons to build your own chat menu.'

For more information on Chat Menus, you can take a look at the Chat Menus page.

Acquiring Contacts from Post Comments

On Facebook Messenger, you can set up comment tracking for your Facebook Page or Ad campaign in order to convert users into messaging contacts.

The Facebook Comment Tracking Menu

For more information on acquiring contacts from Facebook comments, you can visit the documentation page here.

User Settings

Under the User Settings section, you can manage the users that have access to your Space. Depending on your access level, you can change the access levels of other users or even revoke their access to your Space. From here, you can also invite new collaborators to help you manage your Space.

The User Settings Section

For more information on each of the separate access levels, you can take a look here.

Adding New Users

To add a new collaborator to your Space, press the blue "Add User" button on the top of this section. This should open the Add User menu where you can send out invitations to new users to join your Space.

The Add User Menu

Enter the email address of the user that you wish to invite under the Email Address field. Next, select the desired Access Level of the new user.

Once you have filled out the fields, press on the blue "Add" button on the bottom left. An invitational email will be sent to the user's email address that you entered. To gain access to your Space, they must click on a link contained in this invitational email.

Managing Users

Here, you will be able to see the list of existing users that have been invited to help you manage your Space.

If they have accepted your invite to collaborate, their last time they were on your Space will be marked down. If they have not yet accepted your invitation, their email address will be marked as pending.

Editing Users

Press the blue "Edit" button to make changes to any of your existing users on your Space. This will open up the Edit User menu.

The Edit User Menu

Here, you will be able to see the user's email address under the Email Address field. You also have the option to adjust the user's Access Level.

Once you are done, press the blue "Edit" button to save any changes that you made.

Revoking Access

To revoke a user's access to your Space, press their respective Revoke Access button. This will open up the Revoke Access menu.

The Revoke Access Menu

Revoking a user's access will remove them from your Space. By default, any contacts that were previously assigned to this user will be marked as unassigned. If you want these contacts to be assigned to another user, you can enable the checkbox option and select a user to assign contacts to from a dropdown menu.

Once you are ready, press the blue "Revoke" button at the bottom left to revoke this user's access to your Space.


Under the Integrations section, you can manage all of the available integrations.

The Integrations Section

Press the blue "Connect" button if you wish to start connecting to any of the integrations below. If you wish to disconnect any active integrations, press the grey "Disconnect" button instead.

If you wish to learn more about our available integrations, be sure to take a look at the Dialogflow Integration page, the Chatbase Integration page, or the Zapier Integration page.

Custom Fields

Under the Custom Fields section, you can manage the existing custom fields on your Space as well as create new custom fields.

The Custom Fields Section

Adding New Custom Fields

To add a new custom field to your Space, press the blue "Add Field" button on the top of this section. This should open the Add Custom Field menu where you can create your new custom field.

The Add Custom Field Menu

First, enter a name and optional description for your new custom field under their respective fields. Next, select the value type that the custom field will accept from the dropdown menu under Type.

Finally, you may elect to set a default value. This value will be automatically assigned to all new contacts. To do this, enable the default value checkbox and enter your desired default value in the following field.

Once you are ready, press the blue "Add" button on the bottom right of the menu to add your new custom field.

Managing Custom Fields

Here, you will be able to see the list of all the existing custom fields that have been created on your Space.

To manage your custom fields, select the More Actions button that resembles three vertical dots to open up a dropdown menu.

Editing Custom Field Options

From the More Actions dropdown menu of the custom field that you want to edit, select the "Edit" option. This should open up the Edit Custom Field menu.

The Edit Custom Field Menu

Here, you can edit the Name and Description of the custom field that you selected by editing their respective fields. You can also change the default value options from here.

Once you are done editing, press the blue "Update" button on the bottom right of the menu to update the custom field with your changes.

Note that the Type field cannot be changed after you have created your Custom Field.

Deleting Custom Fields

To delete a custom field, open up the More Actions dropdown menu of the Custom Field that you wish to remove. From there, select the "Delete" option to delete the custom field.

Deleting a custom field will completely remove it from your Space. Any data under this custom field will also be deleted permanently.

Deleting a custom field is a permanent action. We will not be able to recover any data after your custom field is deleted.

Away Message

The Away Message Section allow you to set an away message.

The Away Message Section

This function is designed to be activated when Platform Users are not available to answer messages from contacts.

For more information, look at the page on setting an Away Message.

Deleting your Space

To completely delete your Space, scroll down to the bottom of the Settings Module to the Danger Zone section.

The Danger Zone Section

Under the Danger Zone section, you can find the Delete Space where you can delete your Space. Press the red "Delete" button to delete your space.

Doing so will permanently destroy all of your contacts, channels, fields, and any another other data associated with your Space.

Deleting your Space is a permanent action and will remove the data forever. We will not be able to recover any data after you delete your Space.

If you wish to keep any data or information, be sure to export them before deleting your Space.