Access Levels

The three User Roles and their access levels on your space.

On the Rocketbots Platform, there are three different types of roles for people who are users on a space. The users have different levels of access on the space depending on their roles.

The three user roles are:

  • The creator

  • Managers

  • Operators

Wisely assign roles to users in order to protect your space. Roles allow you to limit the level access of each collaborator that you invite to your space.

The Three Roles

The table below outlines the three roles and what they have access to:

The Creator



Platform Plan and Billing

Invite and remove Mangers

Invite and remove Operators

Change space settings


Dashboard and analytics

Manage contacts

Send messages

Create broadcasts

Manage files

Manage surveys

*Limited Access

The Creator

When you create a new space, you automatically become the new space's creator. As the creator of the space, your account will have full access to everything on the space.

As the creator, you can invite managers and operators onto the space to collaborate. The creator can also remove any of these users from the space at any time.

The creator is also able to upgrading the Platform Plan of the space. The Billing page will only be accessible to the creator.

The creator's role cannot be changed. The ownership of the space cannot be transferred.


Managers are invited to work on the space by the creator. Only the creator can promote operators to the manager role.

Managers have access to all features of the space. However, you can only invite operators onto the space to collaborate. You can also remove operators from the space. However, you are unable to delete other managers from the space.

As a manager, you are also unable to view or upgrade the Platform Plan the space is on. The Billing page will also be unaccessible.


Operators have been invited to collaborate on the space by either a manager or the creator.

As an operator, you still have access to all features of the space. However, you do not have access to any of the space settings. As such, operators cannot invite or manage other collaborators.

Operators also do not have access to Billing and cannot upgrade the Platform Plan of the space.