Smart Replies

AI suggested replies based on your Snippets.

Smart Replies speed up your responses with the self learning AI automatically suggesting proper replies based on your set of Snippets.

Smart Replies

You can find the Smart Replies suggestions in the bottom right of the Messaging Module.

Because the Smart Replies AI draws from your pool of Snippets, you will need to have written at least three Snippets before it starts suggesting replies.

Using Smart Replies

Whenever a you receive a new message, the self learning AI will automatically suggest a proper response based on your prewritten Snippets. Each suggestion will also display its relative confidence.

Simply click on one of the suggested responses in the Smart Replies section to input it into the message bar.

If you start typing a response, the Smart Replies will adapt to what you have written, suggesting a full response from your collection Snippets.

The Smart Reply feature utilizes self learning AI technology. As such, it will train and be more accurate the more you use your Snippets.

For more information on Snippets, you can read up on the Snippets documentation page here.

Smart Replies and its Snippets use Dynamic Variables to fill in parts of the message, such as the contact's name.

Training Phrases

Whenever you respond to a message with a Snippet, the AI will put this into its dataset and train itself with the new information.

You can also manually increase the dataset associated with each Snippet by inputing example Training Phrases. In the Snippets Module, select the "Train" option of the Snippet you wish to update under the More Actions dropdown.

Training a Snippet

Here, you can manually add Training Phrases for the Smart Reply AI to learn from by pressing the blue "+ Add Phrase". You can also delete any of the existing Training Phrases.

To reduce noise and clutter from the dataset, each Snippet has a maximum limit of 50 Training Phrases.

Do not forget to press the blue "Train" button to update your changes.

Smart Replies Settings

In the Settings Module, you can find the Smart Replies Settings.

Smart Replies Settings

Training the AI

In the top right of the section, you can see when the Smart Replies AI has last been trained. Note that training occurs every 10 minutes when there is updates in the dataset.

Alternatively, you can press the blue "Start Training" button to have the AI start training immediately. If the button is grayed out, that means that the AI has already been trained with the most recent dataset.

Training can take up to 5 minutes depending on the amount of messages and updated information it needs to process.

Automatic Smart Replies

Turning on the Automatic Smart Replies option will allow the Rocketbots Platform to automatically answer messages that you receive whenever the Smart Reply has a high enough confidence level.

Confidence Threshold

If you have Automatic Smart Replies enabled, you can will be able to set the confidence threshold under this field. The Platform would automatically reply to messages if the Smart Reply has a confidence level that is above the threshold you have set.

A higher percentage threshold means that automated replies will need to meet a stricter level of confidence. By default, the Confidence Threshold will be set to 95% when Automatic Smart Replies is enabled.