Create prewritten responses to effortlessly reply to FAQs.

The Snippets Module allows you to create standardized replies or canned responses that let you instantly reply to frequently asked questions in just a couple of key strokes. Navigate to the Snippets Module from the navigation menu on the left. Look for the icon that resembles a pair of scissors.

The Snippets Module

The once you have created your Snippets, you will be able to use them to quickly compose your replies in the Messages Module. From the Snippets module, you will also be able to edit and manage your existing snippets.

Using Snippets

When replying to contacts in the Messages Module, you can use prewritten snippets to quickly compose a response. Simply start to type forward slash followed by the name of the desired Snippet. For example, you can start typing /greetings1 to search for a Snippet named "Greetings1".

As you type, a list of Snippets will appear above the composer bar. Once you see the one that you wish to input, use the arrow keys to select the Snippet and press enter to input it.

Using Snippets

By inputing the Snippet, your command will be replaced by the full message content of the Snippet, saving you time and effort for frequently used replies.

Once trained, the Smart Replies system will also suggest Snippets using its self learning AI system.

Snippets Overview

From this table, you can take a look at the existing Snippets on your Space.

You can use the search function at the top right to quickly find a specific Snippet by clicking on the icon button that resembles a magnifying glass.

Snippet Name and ID

The Snippet Name displays the human friendly name of each Snippet. The Snippet name will be used as the command when looking to input the Snippet text into your message.

Meanwhile, Snippet ID is the unique identifier that is automatically generated to label each Snippet in the system. The Snippet ID will be used for sending Snippets via integrations.


The Snippet Message is the actual text content that is inputted when using the Snippet.


The Snippet Topics are tags that help you organize your Snippets. Snippets can be tagged with multiple Topics.

Use Topics to organize your Snippets into groups. To view Snippets in your different Topics, use dropdown on the top left of the Snippets page.

More Actions

At the very right of each Snippet, you can find the dropdown menu (look for the three vertical dots).

From this dropdown menu you will be presented with several options:

  • Edit: Open up the Edit Snippet Menu where you can make changes to the Snippet Name and Message.

  • Train: Opens the Train Smart Reply Menu where you can add and manage Training Phrases.

  • Delete: This permanently deletes the Snippet and its associated training.

Be careful, deleting a Snippet is irreversible. We cannot help you retrieve a Snippet and its training once it has been deleted.

Creating a new Snippet

To create a new Snippet, you will need to access the Create Snippet menu. This can be done by pressing the blue "Add Snippet" button at the top right of the page.

The Create Snippet Menu

Name your snippet with a short identifying title. This will be used when searching to input the Snippet in the Messaging Module.

The Message is the content of the text that will be inputted into the message bar when you use the Snippet.

The optional Topic tags are used for organizational purposes for your to easily group and separate your Snippets.

When you have filled in the fields, press the blue "Create" button to create the Snippet.

Note that each Space currently has a maximum limit of 50 Snippets.

Editing Snippets

You can update the contents of any Snippet that you have created by pressing the "Edit" button under the More Actions dropdown menu.

Edit Snippet Menu

From here, you can change the Name of the Snippet. You also can also update the Message content of the Snippet.

You can also add or remove Topics from the Snippet to help your keep your Snippets organized.

Remember to press the blue "Edit" button to save your changes.

Training Phrases

You can update the dataset of each Snippet by adding Training Phrases. This will help the Smart Reply AI to learn to properly suggest each Snippet.

Press the the "Train" button under the More Actions dropdown menu of the Snippet you wish to train. This will open the Train Smart Reply menu.

The Train Smart Reply Menu

The Smart Replies dataset will be automatically increased each time you use a Snippet. However, you can also manually increase the dataset by adding Training Phrases. Press the blue "Add Phrase" to manually add more Training Phrases.

For more information on Smart Replies, you can read the documentation here.

Remember to press the blue "Train" button to save your changes.

Note that the Smart Replies AI will only activate when there is three or more Snippets to suggest from.