Affiliate Program

Become an official Rocketbots Affiliate Partner.

Official Rocketbots Affiliate Partners are companies or individuals who promote the Rocketbots brand, earning up to 30% on recurring commissions.

New Affiliate Partners will receive their own unique referral URL link, which they can use to promote Rocketbots by posting on their social networks, adding to their websites, or directly sharing it.

For every subscriber who signs up using the referral link, the Affiliate Partner will receive 30% of their monthly subscription revenue, forever.

For more information, you can look at the Affiliate Program page on Rocketbots.

Becoming an Affiliate Partner

To become an official Affiliate Partner, visit the Affiliate Program page on Rocketbots. Here, you can take look at the Affiliate Program in more detail.

Once you are ready, press the orange "Become a Partner" button. This will take you to the Affiliate Portal on LinkMink where you can register as an Affiliate Partner.

Registering as an Affiliate Partner

Fill in your information into the form and enter your desired password. Once you have done so, press the blue "Sign Up" button to create your account.

Joining the Affiliate Program

Press the blue "Next" button to receive your link on the next section.

Receiving Your Unique Referral Link

On this screen, your unique Affiliate Partner referral link to the Rocketbots Platform will be shown. If you wish to link to other pages on the Rocketbots site instead, you can set that up later.

When you are ready, press the blue "Next" button to the Payouts section.

Entering Your Paypal Address

Every month, Rocketbots will send your commission payouts to your Paypal Account. Enter your Paypal email into the field and press the blue "Next" button.

Alternatively, you can also skip this step enter your Paypal email later.

You can now share your Affiliate Partner link in order to earn your 30% recurring commission for each customer that subscribes from your referral link.

The Affiliate Portal

Once you have registered as an Affiliate Partner, you will be taken to the Affiliate Portal.

The Affiliate Portal

On the Affiliate Portal, you can see how your referrals have been performing and the value of commissions earned.

In the Settings tab of the Affiliate Portal, you can update your profile information and update your Paypal account.

You can always return to the Affiliate Portal by logging in through LinkMink.

On the Affiliate Portal, you can create referral links to different pages on Rocketbots. Under the "Want to link to a different page?" section, paste the URL of your desired page on Rocketbots. This will generate a custom referral link that you can use.

Linking to a Different Page on Rocketbots